Air Quality

The boys in the house have always suffered from either allergies or frequent mild respiratory issues. Since we have an active household plus having Lilo, our Chocolate Lab, and Simba, our Whoodle, with us all the time, we figured we had to do something to improve our indoor air quality. Rita heard about Alen Air Purifiers and we took the plunge and ordered a couple of units. We are very pleased with the performance of these in-room air filter units and you can read about our experience in our Blog post.

We purchased two units, a BreatheSmart Classic that is good for larger spaces (up to 1100 sq. ft.) and a BreatheSmart 45i (up to 800 sq. ft.) and both certainly do a good job of capturing dust! 

As we write this, we are going through uncertain times due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus and COVID-19 risk. These units include a HEPA filter and although only a clean room BSL-4 laboratory grade HVAC system would have a chance at handling this virus, our home is a laboratory of a different sort. Overall we believe these filtration units do contribute to overall wellness and we are happy with our decision and we encourage you to explore them as well. 

You can read Alen air Purifiers’ blog about COVID-10 here for more information.

Water Quality

So what do we ingest daily that can have  an effect in our health for better or for worse? Water! For years we have relied on our trusted Brita jar filter and our inline filter cartridges that we forget to change out on schedule (Cesar?!). An interesting water filtration system found its way to our Instagram newsfeed and we decided to check it out. It removes heavy metals? Bacteria? Viruses? Pesticides? Pharmaceuticals? The list goes on and on so our resident mechanical engineer dug in and checked the specs. After his review he gave the green light to proceed with it.

What is interesting is that it relies on a natural and chemical-free method to provide purified drinking water for pennies on the dollar as compared to other water filtration systems and recurring maintenance costs. There are some limitations to what units they can sell to customers in California due to our state’s certification requirements so make sure to coordinate with Berkey if you live in Cali. All in all we recommend them so go and check them out!