Second Inspection and Things are Not Right

Second Inspection and all is Not Well

Is there something wrong with our colony, our Queen?


By Cesar Rodriguez

Unfortunately our time of hosting The Casa Rodriguez bees came to an end. Our inexperience taught us a hard lesson which is that to keep bees, you have to constantly give them attention to make sure they are healthy and that they continue to thrive.  

I was not trained well enough to realize that the bees needed to be re-queened to ensure that their docile traits didn’t change. I didn’t do this and coupled with too long of a gap between inspections the bees developed a very aggressive behavior. I got stung on my last inspection and when I consulted with our local County inspector we determined they were too aggressive for an inexperienced beekeeper like me to try to save them. 

We have an elementary school playground as our neighbors so we just could not risk our bees attacking anyone, let alone one of the school’s children.

Sadly our bees are not with us anymore. 

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